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HHIM held its 3rd Annual Sports Clinic for the children of El Plan, Cortes in October 2017.

The Clinic Director was Josiah Theobald of the Push the Rock Sports Ministry of Emmaus, Pennsylvania. The 2017 staff included Collegiate, High School Athletes, and others. Most of all they love children and serve as excellent roles models for those they work with.

The HHIM Soccer Staff conducted a four station structured clinic. In addition to teaching soccer skills the staff stressed a Christian  approach to characteristics such as determination, obedience, enthusiasm, and teamwork. The importance of sportsmanship was taught.ch member of the coaching staff shared the gospel, and presents  their personal testimonies with the kids.

The three day clinic held in 2017 averaged a little over 100 buys and girls per day. On the final day participants were give a colorful soccer ball.

The 2018 Clinic looks to be another great time in El Plan.

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