​Hope Here International Ministries

Ulysse Emmanuel serves as the Pastor of the Assembly of the Everlasting Kingdom Church. The church is a vibrant body in a part of Haiti that has been described as a wide open mission field. 

Recently the Church had a great celebration covering several days in observance of four years serving Christ in Opiege. A photo of the occasion can be seen at the bottom right of this page.

Worship at the church is a real blessing. The services are high energy with awesome preaching of the Gospel and a congregation tuned into to the Word. Worship Leader Elisabeth Dulas does a wonderful job leading the song and praises.

Opiege Ministries hopes to aid discipleship building by helping provide Bibles, Gospel literature, and other needs.

During the past April 2016 mission trip HHIM worked with Pastor Emmanuel by going door to door in the village. The result were several of those visited attended worship service at the church. Door to Door Evangelism will be a major part of the agenda in the 2017 visit.


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