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Of major emphasis on all trips to Opiege is sharing the gospel both to the kids at school, with the villagers, and with the congregation of the Assembly of the Elect of the Everlasting Kingdom.

On our March 2018 trip team members shared the gospel with each class. The team used Cross Talk and interactive tract developed by Student Evangelism Ministries. Through Cross Talk each kid heard the Plan of Salvation. The tract is printed in Haitian Kreole. Not only do the kids hear the message they take the tract home where perhaps it may touch family and friends.

Emphasis was on the older kids who are of age to make a profession of faith. An invitation was given to the older kids. The younger children received the presentation in hopes that a seed may be planted, nurtured by the local church, and eventually they will be ready to make a decision.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of the team visited villagers and church members both on the levels above and below the school. The gospel was shared with each person including praying for each persons expressed needs. Each family visited was presented a Bible.

On Wednesday evening Team Pastor Ray Cobb preached a gospel message to a good gathering at the church. It was a night of hearing the gospel, praise and worship through song, and thanksgiving for the successful visit to Opiege.

Bibles and gospel literature to be used in local evangelism was left with Opiege Pastor Ulysse Emmanuel.

April 25, 2018



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