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How a children's home gets built.

​I was NOT looking for a children's home to build. That was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. I had arrived back in Kathmandu (the capitol city of Nepal) about a year after my first trip into the country in 2003. I had training on my mind. I was starting with a new group of church leaders and handling all the training myself on this trip. My translator, Tej, whom I had just met the first day, was doing a great job and the training seemed to be going well. A couple nights after the training, Tej would ask me to come and see his small church and children's home. I was always tired and never wanted to go. Finally, at the weeks end, I relented and went to see what Tej had going. Well, as they say, the rest is history.

If we are looking for God and for His will to follow, we most often will find it in the ordinary, everyday events of life. Oswald Chambers calls it the "domain of drudgery" when the spotlights are not lit and the attention is not on us. It's obedience in the right direction over a long time for the glory of God.

​Occasionally we do have to stop and ask ourselves if we are still on the right path and maybe even listen a little more carefully to hear if the Lord is speaking to us in a particular way. I.e., trying to get our attention!

​Upon seeing what Tej was trying to do, sensing his heart for his people and especially the children, and falling in love with the kids myself, I felt God leading me to return to the States and raise the funds necessary to buy a building for Tej and his church/kids. It would end up taking a community of churches, scores of God's people, and years to accomplish the task. It took patience and prayers and pulpit appeals. It required numerous trips, trust, and accountability. The result was a new four story children's home built from the ground up. A testimony to what God will do if we are willing to let Him do it through us.

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