​Hope Here International Ministries

P.O. BOX 249
WEBB, AL 36376

We know that our hope lies in Jesus Christ, and we want to share this hope, not confining ourselves to "man-made" boundaries.

Our domestic focus begins with churches and organizations in our immediate area striving to provide and assist in mission opportunities both here and abroad. We consider ourselves interdenominational and will work with any Great Commission church whose desire is to make Christ known here and around the world.

Our primary focus internationally is in the countries of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Haiti, Guatemala and other Latin American countries, and Nepal. Our goal is to provide a constant Christian presence in specific areas in order to make a difference rather than just treat the symptoms. We feel it is important to show Christian compassion through meeting physical needs, through construction, personal hygiene and education along with our evangelism and training projects. Our desire is to offer whatever help is needed, where ever help is needed, in these areas; whether it be through medical journeys, prayer walking and evangelism, education, construction or any combination thereof.

Certainly we know everyone does not feel a call to missions or cannot go because of physical or other obstacles, but we pray everyone can participate in some way. We are funded solely by contributions either monetary or through donations of supplies. If you, your church, or other organization would like to be involved in our efforts to further God's Word, please contact us. We can help you advise you where your donation or service can best be put to work in our ministry.

An endeavor such as this cannot be successful without the constant prayers of our partners. So, if you are reading this but cannot help in a physical manner, please support us through your prayers. We truly believe prayer is our most powerful asset.

Johnny Cook