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 Each morning the students at Opiege School assemble prior to going to their classrooms. They fill in single file by class. They wear their blue and green uniforms. At assemble they quietly receive announcements and the days instruction. They are led by their teachers in prayer together. Lastly and prior to marching to class they sing the Haitian National Anthem as the flag is raised on a wooden pole.

Despite issues with self-serving leaders, foreign interventions, extreme poverty, and natural disasters, Haitians are extremely proud of their heritage

Proud they should be. When Haiti gained its independence from France in 1804 it became the first and only successful slave rebellion, the first black republic, and the second independent nation in the Americas. It boasts among its national heroes Toussaint Louverature who I considered one of the great leaders in the history of the Americas.

Listen to the singing of the Haitian National Anthem by the Opiege School students. One can sense the pride for their country in their young voices.

April 26, 2018                 


STORY UPDATED/ Anthem Video Added - 4/26/18

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Opiege Student Assembly and Haitian Anthem