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HHIM has built its Honduran footprint in El Plan, Cortes. This allows for working through an established ministry such as the Honduras Baptist Dental Mission. 

On the October trip HHIM partnered with First Baptist Church Enterprise, AL. to conduct a Medical/ Dental/ Optical Clinic.This partnership allowed the usual one day of Clinic to expand to four days. The Medical Team was led by Dr. Lewe West of Enterprise.

Patients served came from El Plan and nearby villages where they were both pre-registered and registered during Door to Door Evangelism.

The HBDM Compound includes a Medicl and Dental Clinic. The clinic has a large Triage Area, 3 Medical Examination rooms, a Dental Office, an Optical Examination room, and a fully stocked Pharmacy. It is a real blessing to the people living in El Plan and nearby.

Over the four days 837 medical patients were treated, 73 dental patients treated, and 125 patients needing optical help. 3,362 prescriptions were filled.

​April 29, 2018    


​Pending - 3 new Pics.