Help change your world and theirs!  HHIM Dominican Republic mission trips have changed the trajectory of people’s lives, forever impacted the way they read their Bibles, and transformed their walks with Christ.

 The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. Hispaniola is the second largest island in the Caribbean behind Cuba. Home to 10 million residents, the Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti to the West. While the Dominican Republic has seen growth in recent history due to a boom in the tourism industry, 50% of the rural population are still considered to be living in extreme poverty. Hope Here International is excited to partner with local ministry partners to help transform the lives of people in the Dominican Republic with the good news of Christ. 

 A mission trip to the Dominican Republic is a great opportunity for individuals, groups, and churches that want to serve cross-culturally and share the love of Christ with others.  While on a trip to the D. R. you will be serving alongside the local partners to reach both the spiritual and the physical needs of those we encounter. 

 Our teams work alongside local believers on church or community construction projects, by working with orphanages, youth, children, and adults.  We strive to encourage and assist locals in serving their communities during the mission trip.

 The opportunities for ministry are endless! Teams go door to door with Dominican Christians to reach their community for Christ. Street ministry through prayer walks and door to to door evangelism and sports ministry through soccer camps are used to change lives forever by leading young people to Jesus Christ. Kids are everywhere and children flock to Vacation Bible School in large numbers.  We may work work with a local orphanage where play with kids, share the Gospel and work on various service projects.

 A mission trip to the Dominican Republic is an excellent way to gain a new perspective while serving people in need.  For more information on a mission trip to the D. R. look at the dates and contact info on the mission trip schedule on this web page.

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Help change your world and theirs!

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