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​Hope Here International Ministries

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Project #Type of ProjectCost
Vol 4
Donate to HHIM to support all of the ministry projects. (Current 7/5/18)Any Amount
Opg 1Sponsor one child in the Opiege (Haiti) Sponsorship Program (Current 7/5/18)$25.00 /month
Opg 2

Contribution to the 2018-19 School Year Book Drive for Opiege, Haiti School

(Current 7/5/18)  

Any Amount
Opg 3Contribution to the Opiege (Haiti) School/ Church Building Program (Current 7/5/18)​Any Amount
DR 1Sponsor a child for a school year in the Pepe school in Santo Domingo$175.00 /year
DR 2Send a pastor/missionary to seminary in the Dominican Republic with book.$250.00 /quarter
DR 3Sponsor a new church start in the Dominican Republic$5,000.00 /year
DR 4Provide Young Life missionary support for Jochy or Fernando in the DR$200.00 /month
Gua1Drill a well for a community in Guatemala$5,000.00 /well
Opg 4Mission Trip to Opiege, Haiti, April, 2019 (Current 7/5/18)$1,400.00 /trip
Vol 2Become a HHIM ministry partner and receive a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, or sponsor another volunteer to go.
$1,500.00 /trip
Vol 3Become a HHIM ministry partner and receive a mission trip to Nepal or sponsor Pat or another volunteer to go.
$3,000.00 /trip
Hon 1
Provide Children's Activity Books for Rios de Bendiciones Children's Bible Church licated in regalo de Dios, Honduras. (Current 7/5/18)


a quarter.

Hon 2Mission Trip to Honduras, October 6-13, 2018) (Current 7/5/18)
Hon 3Donation toward Ministry Needs in Honduras (Current 7/5/18)Any Amount

​Hope Here International Ministries



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Again, thank you for your support.


 Johnny Cook

President, Hope Here International Ministries



                                        P.O. Box 249, Webb, Alabama 36376 - 334-791-0842 -

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