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It has long been the dream of the school and church that a new building be built on the property to replace the insufficient structure now being used. Opiege Ministries has embraced that dream alongside friends in Opiege

Plans call for the building to be approached in phases as funding has been met. Phase One has a budget of $14,500 and includes the foundation and vertical poles.

As Phase One Funding is nearly reached the team undertook the task of marking the corners for what will be a 28 foot by 68 foot structure. To celebrate pending commencement of construction School Director Madsen Ulysse, Pastor Ulysse Emmanuel, students, and teachers assembled withing the boundaries where the building will stand. Pastor Emmanuel led the gathering in prayer asking God's blessing on the project. 

In the photo shown top right are the children lined up by class. A sign was also present proclaiming :Future Home of Opiege School and Church".

On the teams return to Port-Au-Prince HHIM representatives, the School Director, and a PAP contractor met to discuss several aspects regarding Phase One work. This included material specifications, logistics of supply and materials, a timeline, a payment schedule, as well as early discussion of next phases of work.

All look forward to the day this structure is in use. For the people of Opiege it will be a dream come true. For the team it will be awesome to work with the kids in the building. What a blessing it will be to hear a team pastor preach the gospel in the house God built.

April 25, 2018


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