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The school and church in Opiege share a small and inadequate building for its numbers. 120 students and church congregation bursting at the seams must crowd into the structure with a tin roof, palm bark siding, and dirt floor. Nonetheless the villagers make due with what they have and praise God for it.

The present building is located on property owned by the Ulysse family. Madsen has said that it was a dream of his parents to see a building erected on the property to serve as a school and church.

Currently the extent of work has been the clearing of the site for an eventual building. Leveling the land is difficult as the works means digging into a limestone mountain by hand, with no power tools, or vehicles to help. Sand used to level areas has to be brought to the property in 5 gallon buckets hauled up the mountain by mules.

Going forward progress will be slow and costly due to Opiege's location. The Ulysses brothers Madsen and Emmanuel have great faith that the dream of their parents will be fulfilled with God's blessing. HHIM hopes to be a part of that dream coming true.

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